Meet the Tizzee Pets Pack!

You may be asking, who, exactly is behind this fun and fresh pet toy and supplies website? Enter our rag tag crew of pets, each occupying a different, and yet equally important, role within our company.

Meet Molly the Pug

Our fearless leader, Molly manages and oversees all aspects of Tizzee Pets and we'd be lost without her guidance. She helps pitch, source and test all Tizzee products and always demands the very best for the store. She also loves lasagna, late night raves and zoomies in the backyard.

Meet Luna the Ragdoll

If it's in style, chances are Luna knows about it (or as we suspect, started the trend). Our unapologetic Creative Director, Luna knows fashion, she exudes elegance and poise and always works hard to materialize her vision. She's a big fan of yoga, eye masks and stretching out in any remotely sunny spot she can find.

Meet Buddy the Golden

If ever there was a soul described as pure sunshine, Buddy would outshine even them. Holding court as our Chief Happiness Officer (because, duh...) Buddy makes sure all visitors to Tizzee Pets, whether furry or otherwise, leave feeling well taken care of and with a virtual scratch behind the ears!

Meet Duke the Bulldog

Our resident Brit, who we affectionately call Duke Bond, good ol' Duke is our Master of Tech. The guy can do amazing things with a laptop, internet connection and a bowl of kibble. He keeps our site running smooth and is begrudgingly patient when Buddy locks himself out of email for the tenth time.