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Triple Pet Ball Green

Triple Pet Ball Green

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Enjoy a trio of fun with our best-selling Peppy Pet Balls in the jazziest shade of green. 

Our Peppy Pet Ball gives your cat or dog a fun way to exercise and entertain themselves, and it's super fun for owners to watch!

The Peppy Pet Ball is an automatic, interactive toy that rolls around in random patterns with your choice of clear or colored LED lights. The intelligent and randomized action of the movement mechanism means we keep your pet guessing and having fun.

Its easy-to-clean design helps you keep it slobber-free with a quick rinse and dry - did we mention it's waterproof?

Battery life is up to 8 hours on a single charge, and we provide you with a USB cord that can be used with any USB charging adapter or plugged straight into your car or computer.

To turn on or charge your ball:

  • Twist both halves of the ball in opposite directions to open
  • Inside you'll find the movement mechanism and various buttons; the main central push click button will start your ball's movement.
  • The light button is located on the side of the white inner mechanism, and you have three choices: no lights, white, or multicolored.
  • Once the ball is turned on and moving, screw the two halves back together and place it on the floor for your pet to enjoy! 
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  • Danny S.

    Hi love the peppy pet ball so do Bailey female dog. I would like to purchase another one for my Neighbor who got a new puppy. Thanks again for a great dog pet ball!!!

  • Virginia S.

    My two fur babies enjoy following Peppy around the house instead of sitting and watching TV! The toy is everything you claimed it was and I am very pleased with the product. It seems durable and I love that I can recharge it so conveniently. You are welcome to use my comments in your website.

  • Heidi M.

    Thank you once again for your assistance and making my 11 yr. old lab. mentally stimulated!!
    Enjoy your holiday and God Bless.